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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 9, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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bigger, have the risk of dying that is greater. you might want to take a tape measure with you the next time you go shopping. >> i'm fine if they lie to me. that's fine. >> it's a game we women have been playing with ourselves for years. that's what's making n >> and straight ahead this half-hour. fighting for their lives. two women suffer serious injuries after a runaway car slams into a restaurant. >> good morning, washington. we thank you for joining us on this wednesday. i'm allison starling. we're going to begin with your traffic and weather. we start with adam. it is about 62 degrees. boy, it is really starting to feel like fall. >> it is.
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tomorrow is going to be cooler than what we have outside now. temperature-wise around the 60-degree mark. let's go to our forecast for today. a lot of sunshine. mostly sunny skies today. high temperatures in the upper 70's. near 80. currently 67 at reagan national. 61 at martinsburg. very low humidity. still a bit breezy with westerly winds at 10 perfect 20 marns. -- miles an hour. gets you in the mood for fall and football season. let's go to lisa. >> 18th street and florida avenue still closed because of an accident that happened in adams morgan. you can see traffic moving nicely in and out of tysons and bethesda and the american legionon bridge.
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good in college park. another geico camera will reveal traffic on the other side of town close to bradley boulevard. nice run on the beltway near route four. geel back to allison. >> thank you very much. we begin now with a developing story from northwest washington where a car drove up on a sidewalk hitting and seriously injuring two women this morning. both pedestrians are fighting for their lives. >> this happened around 9:00 last night at the busy intersection of 18th street and florida avenue. that's where pamela brown is live with the latest. >> at this time authorities are still trying to piece together how this accident happened. charges are pending against female driver of that car. take a look behind me. this is where the accident happened. this is in front of the keren
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restaurant, a popular either ethiopian restaurant. it is now boarded up. officials say the driver of the car lost control, ran on to the sidewalk and then hit two women in the process of crashing into the front of this raupt. the two pedestrians, in their 20's, one is in critical condition as of last night. fortunately none of the pate rons inside -- patrons inside that restaurant were hurt. the driver was i rate as she was being handcuffed. >> just a lot of squeaking and tires hitting the curbs and all the grass shattering -- glass shattering in the keren restaurant. it is not a pretty scene. i can't figure out how she did it. ending up in a restaurant and
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taking out an entire restaurant and two people. >> at this point authorities are talking to eyewitnesses trying to figure out what factors may have been involved in this accident. at this time we want to mention that the roads around this area have been reopened. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you very much for the latest there. meanwhile nine people were taken to the hospital after a serious crash in springfield last night. police say a van and an s.u.v. collided at the intersection of commerce street and lois dale drive. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> turning now to the race for mayor. new details in a potential voting scandal days before the primary. a d.c. man claims he was offered a job with the campaign. at first he voted for incumbent mayor feinty. >> we confronted feinty's
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campaign spokesman with williams' story. >> if there was a misconception or misunderstanding between you and whomever you spoke to. >> did you believe they offered you a job? >> yes. since early voting began, the feinty campaign has brought vans of early voters to the elections. 19-year-old rudolph complains he was duped. >> it was basically they just got out and bribed us for a vote and never even contacted us far job. >> he said a van pulled up and promised jobs as they got in the van and voted for the mayor. he said he had to register he voted for mayor feinty. he said he never heard back about the job. he produced the number he was given. >> i was promised a job from the fifth through 14th for my vote for mayor feinty.
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>> unfortunately, they had to stop at a certain number because they had too many people. >> that is not how we operate. we would never promise anything of any value to anybody in support of a vote for a mayor. >> now that i didn't even receive any money or didn't even have a job, it is like i don't -- i want to take my vote back. >> we asked the head of the of elections to investigate further and he told us that indeed last thursday at 2:29 p.m. williams voted here. >> thanks, sam. coming up in our next hour we'll have reaction from voters to this controversial story. meanwhile, a newly released poll shows mayor feinty trailing rival vincent gray by 20 percentage polls. the poll has a margin of error
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of plus or minus 4%. >> governor bob ehrlich will hit the polls today. he said he doesn't agree with maryland's choice to allow early voting but respects the decision. in a show of support, he will cast his ballot this morning. >> the time is now 4:37. >> still ahead here, trading state stores for transportation. the latest plan for virginia's liquor industry. >> plus more opposition to a florida pastor's plan to burn copies of the koran. we'll tell you to latest. >> first, it is chilly out there. we got a break from the 90's. how long is this going to last?
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>> 4:40 on this thursday morning. we have the cold front that moved through yesterday. you felt the winds accelerate and pick up along and behind that front. it is still going to be a little bit breezy today. it is coming from the northwest driveing in the cooler, dryer, less humid air. mostly sunny today. temperatures now around 60 degrees.
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61 in frederick. 64 in culpepper. 63 in college park. 69 in lusby. a little breezy, northwesterly winds at 10 and 20. keep the air conditioner off. crank open the windows and let the fresh air circulate. near 80 by saturday. next chance of rain still look it is like sunday with just a few showers possible. low 80's sunday into monday. back to lisa. >> a couple of problems to report now as far as traffic to and from the american lesion bridge. -- legionon bridge. look at 70 in clarksburg. >> your time now r 4:41. 62 degrees still outside. >> the aftermath of hermine. we'll show you some amazing
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pictures from the lone star state. >> fanning the flames. the world waits to see if a pastor follows through with his promise to burn the koran.
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>> turning to our top stories now at 4:44 on this thursday. two people were seriously injured after they were hit by a car last night about 9:00 at the keren restaurant.
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police have arrested the driver. authorities say charges are now pending in this case. a newly released poll shows that mayor feinty's bid could be in trouble. gray leads him by seven points among likely votes. 14% of voters surveyed are still undecided. b.p. is being criticized for its internal report on the oil rig explosion that led to the disaster in the gulf of mexico. the company said mistakes and failures by transocean and halliburton led to the spill. those companies are disputing the finding. >> opposition is coming in from all sides this morning a florida pastor's plan to burn the koran. sarah palin, pat robertson and hillary clinton all disagree with the pastor's decision. bill jones says he is going to go ahead with the event.
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>> pastor terry jones says his small florida congregation still plans to burn the koran this morning though it seems most of the world disagrees. >> we are not convinced that backing down the right thing. >> sarah palin tweeted her opposition to jones. >> this is so stupid. >> the f.b.i. says retaliation for koran burning is likely. >> we want to be judged by who we are as a nation, not by something that is so aberrational and we'll make that case as strongly as possible. >> the burning is planned to take place saturday, the ninth anniversary to have 9/11 attacks. the cleric behind a proposed mosque in the cultural center says moving it now would give --
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>> our national security hinges on how we negotiate this. >> back in florida, imam called on jones to change his mind. >> i told them world will admire your courage if you come out and say because of my devotion to christ and to the bible, i'm going to the right thing. >> in a new abc news poll 26% of americans admit feelings of prejudice against muslims. just over half say islam is a peaceful religion. >> thank you. president obama is turning to tax cuts to help jump-start the ailing economy. he said he wants to expand and extend a research and development tax credit and wants to allow businesses to write off investments and new plans and equipment. he made the case for extending some of the bush tax cuts in a
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speech some say resembled a campaign appearance. >> it is still fear versus hope. the past versus the future. it is still a choice between sliding backwards and moving forward. >> republicans say the president's new plan adds up to more government, more debt and more taxes. >> well, the death toll is growing in texas in the aftermath of tropical storm hermine. police say two people have died from the rains associated with this storm coming in addition to a number of dramatic rescues like this video of fire fighters in arlington, texas pulling a woman to safety and dramatic video as well from dallas of a tornado forming and then tearing apart a section of a rail yard. look at this. at least one person was hurt when that twister slammed a truck into a ware highways. that funnel -- warehouse. >> wildfires in colorado are burning out of control for a
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third day and four are still missing. it destroyed at least 136 homes so far. that means it is the most destructive series of wildfires in colorado history. resident a number of residents did not evacuate instead staying behind to try to save their homes. dramatic pictures from silver spring spring after a bus erupted in flames. an abc 7 assignment editor captured these pictures of the scene in front of the discovery channel building. firefighters extinguished the flame minutes aste ignited. no one was hurt. >> the west and mcpherson square stations will be closed. these closures will last from friday october 8 until 10:00
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p.m. until tuesday, at 5:00 a.m.. they will be making safety upgrades at that time. free shuttle buses will be available. >> it is 54 degrees outside. coming up a little bit later, why boones could be the backbone to save the old dominion road. >> we'll be right back with a check of photo
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>> thursday morning outside here in arlington, currently just down the road at reagan national, noticeably cooler. some locations upper 50's. the rest of us mainly in the low 60's. around the belt way 50's and 60's. temperatures should drop another degree or two before the sun starts eating us up. the forecast a lot cooler. high temperatures in the upper 70's 70's. a lot of sunshine. a little breezy outside today. i want to point that out. next chance of rain on sunday. not the best chance. not too much of a soaker. we could use the rain. >> we could use a quiet morning and that's what we have now. no accidents really to describe.
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pretty good shape as far as the commute here in virginia. nothing on 66, 81, the greanway, the toll road. we're going to take you to a map. nothing on 228 or 210. nice ride in and out of baltimore. good start for us this morning. looks good on 29. this is 270 traffic live in the geico camera southbound closest to us now. good rundown to germantown, guys. >> thank you. it is cool out there. 62 degrees. your time is 4:54. >> stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> cirque du soleil's new show opens today at national harbor. it is called obo. it is portuguese for egg. it is a tale of a colorful ecosystem where insects love, eat, fight and look for love. the show runs through october 24. >> colorful. beautiful. >> a lot of fun. >> well, there is a bold plan involving alcohol that may be the backbone to saving virginia's roads. >> bob mcdonald wants to sell the commonwealth abc store but that is just one part of the story.
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john gonzalez breaks down the plan and tells us whether drivers think this will work. >> the governor's plan to create nearly $500 million for local highway proms is music to the ears for travelers. >> it is ridiculous. >> it is where the gor wants to put the money -- governor wants to put the money. he wased to privatize all liquor stores. opposition is brewing from the state's restaurants, the wine and beer industry and conservative churches. the mayor believes private stores could lead to more stores which could mean to more alcoholism. >> we could have the problem with more consumption. >> retail licenses would be auctioned off. a big jump from the 332 state-run stores that currently exist. >> they don't seem to know how to generate revenue anyway.
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why not tax them and get money for our roads. they need to be fixed. >> you know, it is a good idea. >> while liquor stores could trip until the future, the number of abc agents would only go up 1/4. in the news room, john gonzalez, abc news. >> we have lots more still ahead in our next hour. >> coming up, a developing story at this hour. two women rammed by a car in adam morgan. we'll get an update on their conditions. >> the whole world is waiting to see if the a florida pastor will follow through with his plans to burn copies of the koran. >> good morning, washington. great to have you joining us